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Our Four-Year Mission: To detail all the injuries, physical and psychological,
visited upon Trip Tucker during the run of Star Trek: Enterprise.

"We're gettin' hammered down here!" -- Trip Tucker, "Borderland"

Season 1

Frozen, broiled, shot, stripped, knocked up, mugged -- our boy's banner year.

"Shuttlepod One" -- frozen

"Dawn" -- baked and beaten snotless

Season 2

Broiled again, groped twice, beaten, possessed, more shooting; angst, guilt, and grief.

Season 3

Dies, but it's not permanent. Breaks down over his sister's death. Mostly low-grade anxiety.

"Twilight" -- dies, but not permanently

"Storm Front 2" -- roughed up by Nazis

Season 4

Insults, a Nazi interrogation session, a (briefly) fatal virus, lots of fisticuffs, and the return of the Disaster Twins.