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Wherein we recount the embarrassments, humiliations, poking, prodding, snotting, running around in underwear, smothering, folding, spindling, mutilating, freezing, burning, shooting, and otherwise tormenting of Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, chief engineer of the starship Enterprise NX-01.

"Satire is the most aggressive form of flattery." -- Charles Poore

Sorry, doc

Trip: Sorry, doc, Ah just can't let you do it.
Phlox: But they're so cute!
Trip: Not while Ah'm in command.
Phlox: Hoshi said sehlats are just Vulcan teddy bears!
Trip: Not precisely, Doctor. On Vulcan, the teddy bears are alive, and they have six-inch fangs.

Welcome to TripHammered, the most dedicated reporting (and mocking) of Trip Tucker damage on the Internet.

TripHammered is primarily focused on detailing the various distresses and disasters which befall Trip Tucker, secondarily devoted to general ENT commentary, and entirely done in fun. I'm an opinionated wiseass. I make a lot of dumb jokes paired with (I hope) intelligent reflections on the episodes as they aired.

"Star Trek: Enterprise" aired from 2001 to 2005. When Trip got, uh, hammered pretty badly, I did a full recap of the episode. If the damage was minor, it got one photo and a blurb. Plus I rambled on the front page about what I thought went right and wrong. Those yammerings, other screencaps with fun captions, and all the other blather from the site's inception are preserved on the History pages.

Related to the show are "Extras," which ran during off-weeks and summers, ranging from caption contests, Choose Your Own ENTventure, and ENT Libs to DVD commentaries, essays, April Fool's Day gags, and the ever-popular Food Chain. Anything not related to the show (which happened more often after ENT went off the air) is gathered under "Off-Topic," which has about two seasons of Battlestar Galactica 2K commentary, a damage toteboard of Connor Trinneer's work on other shows called TrinneerHammered, movie and book reviews, and random fun stuff about other shows in the Trek franchise. And there's the obligatory Links page.

So welcome, and please come in -- there's lots to explore!

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