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Battlestar Galactica 2K cast interview

Here are the Q&A's from Friday night's Battlestar Galactica event at the Museum of Television and Radio. (no spoilers, some speculation, typos intact) It's great to see how much everyone cares about their characters and how they don't know any more than we do about what's coming.


You've had quite a rollercoaster this season with Starbuck. What do you enjoy playing more, her darker side or her softer side?

The darker side, of course. It's more fun, you know?! You get to go to work and beat people up and shoot guns and be completely melodramatic. It's awesome! Of course, it's the best part of my job! But occasionally it's nice to put a dress on and pretend to be a girl for a while too (Laughs).

Fans went crazy when Apollo and Starbuck hooked up and they want to know if it's going to happen again.

I don't know. I hope so! It was fun (Laughs). I think I walked away from that scene with more bumps and bruises than the fight scene with Tricia at the end of the first season. People were like 'Are you kidding me?!' I literally had bruises like on my butt! I'm like 'Jamie! What'd you do to me?! That hurt so much!' (Laughing)

But you had fun anyway?

It was so much fun! Of course I enjoyed it.

Why do they keep pulling away from each other when it's obvious they really care about each other?

I think because it is obvious. You know, their world is so chaotic and it's hard to hold onto something that you know is so real and tangible when it could be gone tomorrow. It's almost easier to walk away from it and to have never felt that true love and passion for someone because it gives you something to fight for, and it gives you a reason to wanna live, and as a fighter pilot, you can't have that. You have to be willing to sacrifice everything, including your life. And I think, when you love someone so unconditionally and you know that, it's really hard to go out there and fight the good fight.

Fans are constantly speculating that there may be more cylons among the regular cast members that we don't yet know about. Obviously you can't tell me if there are, but do you know anything that we don't?

No! (Laughing) I don't even know if I am! I have no idea!

Do you ever fear that you may be, or would you find that cool to play or...?

You know, I don't know. I mean, of course it would be kinda cool if you are a cylon, cause you could never die. You'll have a job for the rest of your life, you know?! But I don't know. I kind of like the idea of her not being a cylon, so I'll hold on to that for right now.


What's it like to play a character inside the head of another character? Do you have any idea how it happened? How do you approach him?

I don't have any idea how it happened! I'm afraid I don't know. I'm playing a very tortured individual and this is somebody who I think is amoral, rather than immoral. He was like a media star before everything happened, so he's gone on this huge learning curve and this huge journey. He has an air of decadence about him, which has led I suppose to a kind of depravity as well. So basically, he's somebody who's amoral, but has a conscience, so I get to be very upset about all the dreadful things that I do! That's an amazing thing to be able to play, rather than somebody who doesn't care or has, you know, some master plan or agenda or 'hahaha!' It's not like that, so it's very complex and we indulge in that complexity.

Some fans seem to think you're a cylon.

I don't think so. In a word, no.

GRACE PARK (Sharons)

Which Sharon do you enjoy playing more?

Ooh. That keeps changing, you know? --I'll call the Sharon that we started with (the one on Galactica) Boomer, and the other one, Sharon.-- I initially didn't like Boomer because she was so tortured in the first season and she was so conflicted and in so much denial that it was excruciating just to try her on for size, and it almost seemed like she wasn't getting anywhere. Just down! (Laughing ) Downhill fast, you know?! So she was imploding. Whereas with Sharon down with Helo on the planet, we just could run around. It was almost, I wouldn't say mindless, but compared to the other one, it wasn't so grief stricken and so tragic. So initially, it was like that. But then after Boomer shot Adama, and she had to be thrown in the cell and the two episodes where she wasn't there actually was just her in solitary for two weeks, that was really fun for me. I really liked that because I got to develop a little bit more of what was happening and even though we didn't see it on screen, her tumbling really fast downhill before Tyrol came into the cell, she had turned into almost an animal and that was really fun. The guards and the extras were looking at me like 'Omigosh, you are way too into this!,' you know? I'd like turn into a gorilla practically, and I was like 'I want a pail in the corner, I want a roll of toilet paper!,' you know what I mean?! So, in that way it was really fun, and then she died. But her death scene, it was so short, I felt a bit cheated that way. Because it's like some people actually said 'Oh, I guess she did die. Oh yah.' You know, they kind of forget about that. But to me, I realized that was the Boomer that we watched all the way from the miniseries, so to me, I did like her. But I have, since then, become more attached to Sharon.

Is it sometimes really hard to keep the two storylines straight?

Before, it was always really easy in first season, because one was always on the planet and one was always on the ship. It's surprising how clear that can make the differences. And one was always with Helo and the other one wasn't, and that kept it really clear cut and simple for nearly everybody. But as soon as Sharon came back on the ship, the director, the writers, the producers, everyone got confused. And it was like 'What do you mean? Haven't you met Baltar?' I go 'No, she hasn't! This is the other one!' and everyone would like sit there, like, melding their minds trying to do the next shot. And then with the writing, I'm like 'No, she sounds too victim-y. This is the other Sharon!' You know?! It got so confusing. And it does get a little bit confusing even now. And on top of that, I think I also have a want to be able to distinguish them. Like when I saw Nick Cage, who's obviously a great actor, in Adaptation, it was so clear cut who was who and I really enjoyed the differences, and sometimes I feel that that's a challenge for me to be able to do that, but yet keep the story realistic. You know, not just have one physically just look so easily differentiated.

And do you think there are other cylons among the regular cast members?

I don't know. Sometimes I don't want there to be other cylons among the cast, and then sometimes I do. It's like when you think they've done a reveal, it's like 'Ohhh! No!! They did not!' and then [I realize] I read it wrong. It's almost like I don't know if they cleverly did that so the audiences mind would race to that conclusion and then pull back? That's really fun. What I really want actually is for them to not reveal the next cylon by the end of the episode. Because we've sort of developed this little thing, introducing a person, 'Ooh, they might be a name as well,' and then whaddya know, at the end they're always revealed. What would be really fun is if they started doing a bit of that, like introducing people and everyone goes 'Oh, that's a cylon' and then they're not. Or have somebody who, like, eight episodes later is finally revealed. Something like that, I find just a little more interesting because then it makes you doubt everybody. It's not like cut and dry and simple. Because that's the whole premise of the show. You're not supposed to be able to predict anything.

So you definitely think we're gonna be meeting more cylons.

Oh yeah. We are. I'm just thinking how are you gonna make the last handful of cylons we don't know yet last for a few more seasons, you know? It's like 'You guys are giving away too many!'

Somehow I think they'll figure it out.

Yeah, start developing other hybrids. 'Oh, did we say [there were] twelve?' (Laughs)

Coming to the end of season two, how do you feel about where your character is at, and do you have any particular hopes for where your storyline goes in season three?

Well, 'Downloaded' aired last week. I loved that episode. Reading it was fantastic. I almost felt like 'How did I get this jewel of an episode for me and Tricia?!' Because we've been really wanting to have just more relationships with women, and women together who are not at each other's throats. And I know a lot of [the storylines] are women and men, men and men, everybody seems to be at each other's throats, but in particular, we couldn't find any two women together that wouldn't be in some type of competition negatively. And when we finally got to be able to do it and it wasn't actually two humans, but two cylons, it was this extra celebration. It was like 'Yes! Hurray! We finally got it!' and plus, Tricia's an amazing actress. We didn't really get to see what she was capable of [before]. Only just teeny bits and pieces and most people just chalked it up to her looks and like 'Oh, why does she keep doing that?' But what she does is pretty phenomenal. To keep it not, like, excruciatingly boring. Because she's doing the same thing over and over and she's gotta keep changing it and so, to be able to work with her and then to flesh out her character and both of us try to figure out like 'Ok, so this is what happened in the last three months for my character' and 'This is what happened with you,' cause we both had to be cylons or human, we got to be able to play and talk in that kinda genre together. Because talking to Katee or Jamie, it'd be different. They don't have to deal with that. So that was really, it was so fun. And for third season, well, I can't say anything just yet, cause you don't know what happens at the end of second season, but there's a bit of space somewhere in there --and I won't say exactly how-- that leaves a lot of room to change for the characters. And what I would actually really like to see is a different Sharon, which I mean, the Sharon on Galactica, because you saw that she lost her baby. She doesn't know any different and to her, it's gone and to undergo that kind of grieving, initially when we were filming it, I thought she was a goner. You know, I'm like 'Oh no, here she goes again. We're gonna have another suicide or another total wreck on our hands.' But with the time and the hiatus I've had, I've actually felt that she's grown and she'll have a different connection with God and then with Helo and I'm not sure what their relationship is gonna be like exactly, but I don't want it to be a perfect relationship. It never is gonna be, but I would like to see a growth with her and Helo, each of them, on their own. Not necessarily together.

And do you think Sharon is going to find out what actually did happen with her baby?

Oh you know they're gonna make her find out in some excruciating way. (Laughing) I'm already like cringing that!


Do you want Laura to turn out to be a cylon?

I don't think about it much. I prefer not to think about it. It's being asked of me more and more, because now, of course, she does have cylon DNA in her and that's going to probably be something that we have to deal with sooner or later in some way or another. Would I want her to become a cylon? No, I don't think so. I think Laura's function in the show, as far as I can see at the moment, is to hopefully find a way to grow beyond the prejudice towards the cylon, as well as maintain leadership. I think that's her juggling act. I think that that's our job on the planet right now, and so I love being positioned to struggle with that issue of being in a position of leadership and knowing you're trying to survive and trying whenever possible to rise above survival instincts and take the higher road. Can Laura get to the point where she would be fearless enough to allow the cylon to not be the other, to me, that would be an unbelievably exciting growth. If she became a cylon, I cannot even imagine what that would be, so I just don't think about it.

And they way 'Downloaded' ended, with Six and Sharon teaming up, it sort of seems like the series may be heading that way. So you think Laura will play a part in that?

I don't know if she will be used as an instrument, or if she'll be used as a detriment in order to demonstrate what needs to be instrumental, or some of all of the above. I don't really know. I think that Laura is a very interesting human being. A lot of people can relate to how she responds to the situation, but we don't know at this point where we're headed. I mean, we have a few outlines that we've seen for next season, but they're still pretty vague, so Eddie [James Olmos] and I are kind of sitting there going 'What? What do you think?! Uhhh, What do you think's gonna happen?!' You know what I mean? It's a lot of fun actually. I really don't know where they're going to take her, but the possibilities are endless at the moment. And you know, for me, and Laura, as played and as I experienced it, this gal does not give up easily. She just doesn't. If she were that kind of person, there's absolutely no way she would have been able to grow that quickly into her position. Now that she is no longer dying, it's a little confusing for me as an actress because the idea of my mortality or a shortened existence was central to where I felt her courage came from. Sort of like a nothing to lose kind of thing. Get one thing done to save humanity cause you're goin', so it isn't about you, it's not about your life, and it's not about politics because you don't have any. And you don't have an administration and you don't have any of those things that would normally surround a president and influence the way they make a choice. Without that suddenly, and she's alive and healthy and has cylon DNA, she's walking around a little bit stumped, and it will be very, very interesting to see where and when she grounds herself and figures out 'What's the purpose now?' What is destiny going to reveal that she is supposed to do next? That's kind of where she is by the end of season two.

Are you excited about season three?

Yeah, I am. Because we don't know. We so don't know what's going to happen and we're so all in it together. And we're so intrinsic to each other and that's a very exciting thing. We feel so connected. Nobody knows what's really going to happen to anyone. I mean, we have little bits and pieces and we'll get the outlines, but mostly we feel like an ensemble waiting for the next way to tell the story, waiting for the next way to keep it relevant. And because the show has grown so much in popularity, it's being honored right now in ways that are truly gratifying. This show is bringing these ideas to the edge of television. We're in a whole new place now, and that's very exciting.

Are you surprised by how rabid the fans are?

I'm not surprised by how much people can love the show because I saw it in the pilot. When they sent me the pilot, I laughed. I mean, Battlestar Galactica and me?! I didn't see it at all! I'm like the real person and the Sci Fi world, to me, was always so pristine and strange, I said 'Well, what would I be doing in there?!' But then I read it and I thought 'Oh no, I had this feeling when I read Dances With Wolves. I had the same feeling. Oh no, no. This is right there. This is exactly where the culture is. This is exactly what we need to look at. It's going to bring up a multitude of things from inside of people's souls. From out of their consciousness will come their response to this show. This is right on the edge.' So I wasn't surprised by that. What I have been delighted by is the level of commitment and intelligent response among the fans. Why am I surprised by that? I never did a television show like this before and I guess we all have this idea, which is just a terrible prejudice about Sci Fi geeks. Turns out, wrong. If 'geek' means smart and articulate and really devoted, we should all be. You know what I'm saying?! And so I've been thrilled.


Coming toward the end of the second season, how do you feel about where your character is at?

It's incredible, to say the least. I'm stunned by the impact of what is happening to the people on Galactica. It's tragic. There's no way of understanding what the future holds in store. It's very, very tragic. I'm glad that this is happening in this fictionalized world, rather than us really having to live it. It would be pretty ugly.

Do you have any hopes for where the show may go in season three?

I have no hopes whatsoever. I'm left hopeless, literally. As a character, I'm left hopeless. I fight every day, but there is no more hope.

And as an actor, what do you hope for your character?

Well I hope that they don't kill us, you know? I just hope that we don't die. That's my only hope. That we can continue to move forward as a human species and continue to exist as a human race.

And a lot of fans speculate constantly whether there are other cylons among the regular cast.

Yes there are. Sure there are.

And do you know who they are?

We have no idea. We have no idea who will be activated.

Do you ever wonder if your character may be a cylon?

Certainly. I mean, I don't wonder as far as myself [is concerned]. For me, it's just a matter of understanding that I, personally, don't believe that I am, but then again, I would've said before I was shot by Boomer that she was not a cylon.

And is it a fear of yours that Adama may be a cylon?

Certainly. Certainly. Of course. Big fear.

So you wouldn't want to play Adama as a cylon?

No, I would rather be a cylon than not, because I would rather be a cylon and stay on the show forever than to be knocked off because I'm human! You know, the cylons are lucky, because they can be rejuvenated, but us as human beings, we're gone once we're gone.

Well something tells me they're not going to let you go!

Well, you can never tell. These guys [Ron Moore and David Eick] are pretty intense. They're pretty low. They're low life people. They're producers and writers, low lifes. So I gotta say, I wouldn't put it past 'em.

[many spoilers trimmed from this section]

I have a very important fan question: "What the heck are you guys thinking with Lee and Dee and 'the love that all of a sudden.' I hope that doesn't mean Dee will meet a sad, sad fate anytime soon.

R: (Laughs) Dee must die! She loves Lee. She must die. No, we kind of felt that we had played fair with that. You know, we had seen, like, looks between the two of them fairly early on in the season. We had played a couple of those scenes and it's one of those romances that sort of blossomed underneath the radar a little bit.

So there's no underlying plan to get rid of Dee?

R: It does not necessarily mean that we're going to execute Dee, but you never know! You know, it depends on Kandyse, if she pisses us off or not.

If she acts up on set!

R: That's right. If she asks for a raise. (David and Ron Laughing)