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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1"

Okay, I'm officially irritated about Highlight Reel: The Director's Cut. If it was important enough to be referenced, it should have been shown in the episode it belonged in. Adding these bits and pieces after the fact is plain annoying.

So Chief is having this nightmare, and he lashes out when he wakes up. Why lash out if he's dreaming of leaping off a balcony? Who is he defending himself against? And more to the point, why is he sleeping on the floor of the deck between Vipers? Wouldn't that be the first clue there was something wrong?

I found Roslin's notecard-ripping to be amusing and realistic. Back in the day, for my Public Speaking courses I would pace around the room rehearsing until I could do the speech smoothly and slightly ad-libbed without looking at the outline, which is essentially what she's doing here. (And she was on the debate team? So much for not being a real politician before now. She might have been a teacher once, but she was clearly prepping for office for a long time.) Adama's comment about his father's pencil-breaking was similarly sweet and familiar. I love the giggle attack and how comfortable she felt with Adama as an escort. They'd make a good couple if Moore wanted to go that way. They balance each other nicely.

Interesting that Baltar is calling Ghost Six on her predictions and promises. He was genuinely distraught about the "loss" of Hera, but considering how Ghost Six framed the baby as the jewel in his imperial crown -- both of which are now gone -- I can see how he's less inclined to follow her lead blindly. (She can supposedly knock him around and slam his head into things, but she hasn't transported him anywhere in a while. After he got bored with the Caprica house, neither of them could come up with another scenario?)

Now that the baby's been born (and apparently died), Sharon no longer needs a choke lead? You'd think she'd be more dangerous now, with nothing to lose. I'm sort of surprised she's helping them, unless her ultimate goal is to disappear on Caprica and be resurrected. But she's walked away from Cylon society before, so why return now? We still don't know where her allegiances lie beyond Helo, and why. We know enough about Boomer and Rebel Six to understand their motives, but before Helo, Sharon was just another Eight.

Zarek as Baltar's chief political adviser! I'm surprised Baltar's gotten as far as he has, keeping that kind of company. He may have the Sagittaron contingent locked up, but a lot of people still think Zarek is a murderer. Although we only get a hint of the campaign (fear vs. hope, pro-choice vs. anti-abortion, that kind of thing), so maybe there's more to his platform which is appealing.

"Something big and bad and dark is coming..." Foreshadowing: a valid literary technique.

Nice to see Dean Stockwell is keeping busy. He did a good job with this role, actually. I guess Chief is standing in for the hundreds of people in the Fleet who probably have the same creeping fear: What if I'm a Cylon and I don't know it? Granted we don't know how much has gotten out to the civilians about sleeper agents, but even just restricting it to Galactica crew, Chief can't be the only one. Anyone who knew Boomer or flew with her has to feel that to some degree. He probably has it the worst because he was so close with her.

I'm enjoying the politics and the debate. It's refreshing to see real issues being debated intelligently, and to see the consequences of policy decisions quickly and directly in a causal manner which life rarely affords us.

I love how Baltar's snide comments blow right back in his face: "I'm just going to sit right back and wait for the hand of God" -- and notice he doesn't say hands of the gods -- "to reach down and change my political fortunes," and it promptly happens.

I dunno if Ghost Six has a line on anything, or if she's moving chess pieces on a side of the board we can't see somehow, but she really talks fast to exploit everything and anything which comes down the pike. What if this is part of a greater plan? The Cylons plant the seeds, so to speak, to get the Colonials to stay on this planet and settle and stop running so the centurions can move in and mow them down. It could easily have been one of hundreds of what-if scenarios lying dormant and waiting for certain criteria to be met before being activated. How else did the one Raptor get knocked off track the first jump, since Sharon gave them the coordinates? Did someone muck with Sharon? Is she following orders we don't know about? Did she get permission to disable an entire squadron of Raiders with the virus in "Final Cut" so that the Colonials would trust her enough to hook her up to their computers again?

Oh, man, the one Raptor materialized inside a mountain, ick! But that's part of the danger of this mode of transport.

Was Kara planning on raiding the Farms on Caprica, or are those women considered as good as dead? Does she assume the entire Resistance is within guerilla cell distance of Mr. UM? Did they scan the rest of the planet? The other colonies?

Doesn't Sharon rate a helmet like everybody else? She is their main resource for getting back to the Fleet, which is the point of the mission. Don't they care if she gets shot?

Is Mr. UM going to tell Sharon (whom he met before on Caprica, recall) about Boomer and Rebel Six? Have those two reached out to the Resistance? Is their 36 hours up yet? (that is, does this happen the morning after "Downloaded"?) Did Mr. UM tell the others about what happened with Boomer and Rebel Six? ("Yeah, sure, Sam, the Cylons just let you walk away. Uh-huh. Quit drinkin' before missions, lunkhead.")

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