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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Scar"

So for three weeks running, we've had the near-death meltdowns of three of the main cast (Roslin, Lee, and Kara). Next week is called "Sacrifice" and I'm a little afraid to ask who's next! I know life is hard, but it worries me that the people running the outfit are dissolving.

Also for three weeks running we've done this inside-out narration, which is now officially annoying. The show isn't complicated enough without going all Memento on the presentation? And this week it was really unnecessary. The drama and stress of Scar's hunting is quite sufficient without looping back repeatedly into the unfolding argument. If anything, Kara's suicidal run at Scar had almost no impact in the teaser, because we didn't understand the background. Just tell the damn story and knock off the tricks, Ron.

I understand in a way why Kat insists on the schlong-waving contest; as Helo points out, she's trying to establish her reputation and build herself up as a hotshot -- just like Kara did. But didn't Kara create her reputation pre-Cylons? Aren't things way too far gone now to indulge in this kind of petty sniping and competition? On the other hand, very little Kat said was wrong. Aren't things way too far gone now for Kara to be allowed to indulge in so much drinking and irresponsible behavior in general? Tigh at least (that we've seen) doesn't let a hangover get in the way of his duty shift. It's not funny when people drink to excess. It's a problem. It's a problem with Tigh and it's become a really big problem with Kara. Starbuck is supposed to be a drinking womanizing cigar-smoking rogue, but Starbuck 1.0 only flew hung over when the devil made him do it. She's a flawed, messed-up, traumatized person, but so is Lee, and he's not drinking himself into stupidity on an hourly basis.

Okay, what is the deal with Anders? Why is Kara so stuck on the charismatically-challenged underwear model? Why did she fall for him so hard to begin with? I never understood the intensity of the attraction when it first aired. Is she actually still attached to the idea of Caprica, of the survivors, more than Anders as a person? I could totally see it if she's sublimating her guilt at leaving any survivors behind into an obsession with one individual. But leaving him behind leaves her wanting to die? Or is it just that she feels she's screwed her chances one by one -- Zak, Anders, Lee -- and for a few moments can't see anything to live for?

I think Scar is supposed to be a reincarnation of the Raider which Kara took out and brought back to Galactica in "You Can't Go Home Again," or they wouldn't have shown it in the highlight reel. Which makes sense, even if it's a stretch to think he'd recognize her. I like the idea that even the attack dogs, so to speak, have some personality and memory. It's not good for the Colonials if they get near another Resurrection Ship, but it helps the story along. Scar was mean and clever, learning the differences in Viper pilot styles and figuring out how to use that against them.

The dogfighting was beautiful -- I love how the Vipers flip end-over-end and fly backwards -- although the black-box footage was a bit nauseating. Kudos to the SFX department!

Grace Park was looking particularly lovely this week. Might just be hair, makeup, and lighting, but she looked more lushly curved and softer, really reflecting the pregnancy changes.

We did both sort of gasp when Sharon said "How many pilots have we lost?...I mean, have you lost?" That would have been the point at which she would have lost the goodwill of nearly any Colonial officer. I'm even surprised that Kara doesn't bite her head off for "remembering" something which didn't happen to her, personally. Then Sharon starts to say "You were like a big sister to me" and reach out to touch Kara, and the Marines immediately pull a half-dozen guns on her. A fine mess Kara's in, when the Cylon is one of the few people she hasn't managed to enrage or alienate.

Kara gave the new kid the right advice -- he was just too green to have any experience which would have given him sufficient judgment to know when to follow it. However, Kat was also right to give him the little pep talk. Kara wasn't that type even before she became depressed; she's just too wild and reckless and into herself to spend a lot of time thinking about other people's feelings. That was why she wasn't a captain and Lee was.

Speaking of Lee -- is he Pegasus CAG again? Is he Galactica's CAG but Kara is the officer of the watch? or she runs the squadron? She seems to be in charge of the group but was reporting to him. I'm confused.

And still speaking of Lee -- they're drinking together, Kara says "let's take advantage of today," and I groan to Moogie, "oh, please don't let them sleep together." Sho'nuff, next scene they're down to their tighty-khakies. But wait! Kara is still thinking of the underwear model! You can tell because her eyes have gone just as blank as his were! Lee tries to drag her back to Galactica, and she flips out. In a wonderful moment of revelation -- one of those truly satisfying declarations that I beg on bended knees for people to say onscreen and they never do -- Kara yells "I am hung up on a dead guy. And I don't know what I'm doing." Mirabile dictu, someone is screwed up and knows it and admits it and admits she's on the wrong track!

The only problem is...aren't Starbuck and Apollo supposed to be the most important person in each other's lives? I don't want them to hook up at this point, but aren't they supposed to be best friends? They're both coming apart at the mental seams; when are they going to get a good look at each other and realize what's going on? Lee clearly still cares for her, because he supports her in her toast in the denouement -- he doesn't hold their aborted tryst against her. But when is she going to let down her defenses and really trust him to help her?

The scene where Kat tries to dress Kara down in the briefing room was (deliberately, I'm sure) sort of odd for the audience. When the rebel takes on the authority figure and points out all her flaws -- like Kara did to Tigh in the mini, if I recall correctly -- we're usually identifying with the rebel and cheering that she's pointing out the emperor's sartorial slipup. But here we're sort of rooting for Kat -- because frankly she's right -- and sort of rooting for Kara because she's Starbuck, and it's all at cross-loyalties. I liked that I had to think through the whole thing and consider whose side I was on, if not both.

Yes, Ron, we get it -- motherfrakker. Naughty word. Not the real naughty word. Let's all move on from this particular piece of felgercarb, shall we?

Nice turning of Kat's victory sneer on its head and making it a toast to all the lost. Puts the competition in perspective.

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