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Battlestar Galactica 2K: "Epiphanies"

Something of a letdown after the gasping roller-coaster ride of the Pegasus, but I think the point of this ep was mostly to clean up Roslin's journey and to set new arcs in motion for the remainder of the season. The literal deus ex machina (god coming out of the machine) to cure Roslin's cancer in hours was lifted almost directly from VOY's "Prophecy," where B'Elanna's quarter-Klingon/three-quarters Terran baby had the necessary hybrid stem cells to cure the other Klingons of their ailment. Baltar reminds us that he's a cowardly, egotistical slimeball, however brilliant a scientist. Lee and Kara are Reset Buttoned™ back to their pre-Cain positions. Roslin was Adar's girlfriend?!

Roslin's interactions with the head of the educational group were instructive in that we see she had some political toughness and astuteness before the Cylon attack -- "Madame President" didn't spring fully formed from the brow of Zeus, as it were -- but the parallels between the teachers fighting for whatever and the Demand Peace group were clunky and obvious. And speaking as the daughter of two teachers, I would eat a box of chalk before a group of teachers would commit violence so bad it required troops to put them down to achieve their labor ends. Strike? Sure. Chain themselves to a fence? Well, possibly, depending on what the issue was (schools literally crumbling and threatening student lives, kids with handguns, child molesters -- I could see doing it for that kind of thing). But putting cops in the hospital? For pay? Sorry, go back and rewrite that.

Kudos to Makeup for the Death's Door Palette....

We thought at first it was somebody from Pegasus who was sabotaging the ammo on Galactica's Vipers only, to get their pilots out of commission. The Passive Aggressive Resistance movement was almost a letdown.

Separately, though, I liked the idea. We've heard extremely little about life from the civilians' point of view. Aren't there elections coming up? Will we ever know what the people think of the problems with Cain, or Sharon's existence, or Zarek? It's sad but not unthinkable to have a group who wants "peace at any cost," whatever they perceive "peace" to be. There are those who think that any aggression has to be Our Fault and that if we just gave Them what they wanted they'd go away, or that we're karmically responsible for any evil which befalls us. Not that we don't sometimes bring crap onto ourselves, or that we don't reap what we sow, but the Colonials are pretty much running for their lives. Pegasus might have been trying to kill as many Cylons as they could on the way to oblivion, but Galactica is trying to find an escape from the fighting because fighting will not win the day. We the audience see this because we have omniscient access into the lives of all the major players, but the rest of the people in the fleet? What do they see, and know, and guess, and pass rumors about?

Will Roslin remember that she remembered in her delirium that she saw Baltar with one of the Sixes? She reacted to him while on the hospital bed, but what happens next? Is she going to keep him where he is so she can keep an eye on him, now that she's cured?

So what threat did Roslin think the baby might be? Morale? (Bad enough that they look like us; now they're going to breed us out.) Target for the Cylons to come get her, and to destroy Galactica in the process? The success of the cybrid would encourage more Farms?

It is rather creepy to think of Baltar as being President of the Colonies. Fortunately, we know Roslin isn't going anywhere, so it was never a real possibility for the audience, but still. And Six is wrong about Baltar not wanting power. He prefers to be the mover behind the scenes rather than having direct responsibility for good and bad things. Six isn't subtle about power and leaders -- she thinks he should be making nuclear threats! -- so she doesn't understand that. When Roslin disses him in the letter, in his view she's discounting his efforts, so he's insulted and slighted; he doesn't have as much influence as he thought he did. But Six has more influence than Baltar lets her know, or perhaps more than he'll admit, because he takes her advice laterally and gives the bomb to Gina and the PAR (which is one of the dumbest frakking things he could conceivably have done). And why? He looks at Gina and tells her "I will not be responsible for the destruction of mankind." Why else would he give her the bomb? Does Roslin's jabs at his faults enrage him that much, that he's willing to write off the whole species in revenge? (If the Cylons are looking for "murderous, petty, and flawed," he's their walking example.)

Poor Helo. Not very bright, but give him credit, he picked his side and stuck to it loyally. He loves Sharon, whatever threat she might be (and it's a lot more dangerous to piss her off than threaten the unborn kid, so far as we know), and he loves his child, and he begs Adama as one father to another not to carry out Roslin's order. To Adama's credit, he's sympathetic about the whole thing, although not yielding.

The entire PAR party line pisses me off. Anyone who says "oh, we abhor violence and we want to end war, so we'll blow up ships and kill people to accomplish that end" should be airlocked. You don't end war by attacking. You don't stop violence with assaults. You get peace when both sides stop fighting. Sometimes that means one side defeats the other, or one side surrenders, or is destroyed, or both sides call a truce. But suicide bombs don't make peace. Period. Talking makes peace. Listening makes peace. Compromise makes peace. Not sabotage.

How did Baltar know about the PAR, anyway? He said last week (a few weeks ago in show time) that he knew a place where he could take Gina where she'd be safe. We didn't see Zarek or hear him mentioned, so it's unlikely that he was involved. How did Baltar know to send her to these Cylon sympathizers? If he was getting privileged, classified information in his position as vice president (which only comes up when it's useful for him; he doesn't seem to have any real duties), then Adama would have it also, and Adama doesn't seem to know about it any more than Tigh or Lee when he hands out the pamphlets. Although Adama doesn't seem particularly surprised about it either -- maybe he did know, and just chose not to tell Tigh and Lee?

So now Sharon is pissed off, and has little motive to help the Colonials. Not perhaps Roslin's brightest move. Now they have an angry, non-cooperative prisoner, who went from being a tactical advantage to a liability, and a baby who could be more of a liability if Roslin's decision was based on anything more than Plot Contrivance. I suppose it had to turn this way at some point or Six couldn't claim the baby would be hers and Baltar's to raise. Does this mean Sharon will turn more violent and angry and Helo will support her until they're both jailed or dead? That would suck.

Not that the promo with the fetus wasn't creepy, but why run an ad for BSG in the middle of BSG?

The faces of Doral and Leoben were passed around at a news conference as being known Cylon agents. Why wasn't Gina's face also passed around? Roslin has a head shot of her. Has Sharon been publicly identified as Cylon? Why wouldn't the PAR know who Gina was?

What does a machine need with eyeglasses? Does she think she's Clark Kent?

Roslin was Adar's girlfriend?! That puts a slightly different spin on her ascent to her current position. What was she before? Did she sleep her way to the job or did he seduce her in office? She couldn't have been too much of a figurehead, unless the flashback was the first time she ever showed political cojones. (Then he casually says "You can stay on in an advisory capacity; gods know we need your ideas" even though her "ideas" were what just got her canned. Not for anything, Adar was an arrogant jerk. What did Roslin see in him?)

When Cottle gives the 10-minute warning, Moogie notes that Adama asks those who are the praying type to pray, and the others to "join me in keeping her in our thoughts." Is he an atheist or just not the praying type?

Give Sharon credit: Gina was defending just herself, and she killed more than half a dozen soldiers on Pegasus. Sharon is fighting for herself and the sprog, and only wallops them with a chair.

Li, one of the TripHammered Dozen, had to ask what an antigen was before I put all the pieces together to follow along with how Baltar comes up with Roslin's cure. Google says an antigen is a blood factor which causes an immune system response -- that is, for the body to treat it as foreign, and reject it. Baltar's point was that nothing in the Cylon blood would cause Roslin's to reject it. Baltar looked at Gina, who was amazingly recovered only a few weeks after being rescued from gang rape and torture, and realized or remembered their fast-healing abilities. She clocked him and he saw blood on his fingers. He put her super-healing and "blood" together with the fetus's blood work and the cure clicked. (I wonder if fast healing means a faster metabolism means a faster pregnancy for Sharon?)

Moogie thinks that since Roslin has been injected with Cylon blood, she's going to have some kind of Cylon side effects. I think it's more like Trek -- Neelix was injected with Seven's nanoprobes, but he didn't become Borg. And since the blood came from the cybrid baby, the cells are partly human anyway -- sort of like AB and B blood mixing, if that were possible.

Did Roslin ever say anything to Sharon afterwards? Did she thank her, or apologize?

How is it that Baltar still has an intact, working nuclear bomb? If he legitimately needed the material for the Cylon detector (which I don't think he did), he should have disassembled it for parts. If the Cylon detector was declared a failure because of Boomer, then Adama at the very least should have asked for the radioactive stuff back. Baltar could always tell him that it was integrated and no longer extricable blah blah, but it would have been covered. It is completely beyond belief that the bomb was able to be removed from Galactica without some alarm going off. (And why do Gina and her buddy carry on their conversation and then open the suitcase with the bomb with the door open, and the guard standing outside by the elevator?)

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