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You gotta get that dog a leash, Jon.These nice people gave me pictures: official site. The actor's official site. News, articles, interviews, a few photos. They were kind enough to let me use screencaps.

STrekOnline: Nice site, easily navigable, with high-quality ENT screencaps. Other features like a database of useful reference information and updated ENT news are growing. The webmaster was kind enough to let me use a few photos.

Trek Connection: Trek-related media. Pictures, sounds, skins, video, screensavers, animated gifs, Java scripts, wowza! The webmaster was kind enough to let me use screencaps. Apparently now offline.

House of TuckerHouse of Tucker: Established and run by the Tuckerites, an... enthusiastic online community of Trip-lovin' folk about Trip and the folks he loves.

Enterprise8875's VidCaps: Clean screencaps of most of season 2 and season 3. Easy to navigate with simple LCARS links and some nice photobuttons. Almost exactly what it says. Screencaps and text covering all the weaponry used on Trek to date -- not just Betsy Boomsticks, but the "heaters" from "A Piece of the Action" and Captain Proton's ray gun. Clean, simple interface and good text.

Reviews and Resources:

Because Trek is Long and Life is Formerly known as Five-Minute Voyager. Cvers all the series, plus other SF shows like Andromeda, Farscape, Buffy, and Angel (and even video games). Each episode gets distilled into a five-minute summary. Hysterically funny.

Our Lady of Perpetual MotionTrekToday: Daily Star Trek news, spoilers, articles, reviews, discussion, BBS (which can be rather hostile, so enter at your own risk).

Sci-Fi X-ile: Julia Houston's personal site ( can go suck plasma exhaust). She runs the best collection of links, articles, lists, art, multimedia, books, fanfiction, and whateverall other content you can think of -- if it's science fiction or fantasy, it's probably here. Be advised that some of the links are to adult and/or slash material.

Billing themselves as "Your source for science fiction on the Web," is a huge, hand-picked collection of links to scifi sites. Clean design, easy to navigate, good search engine.

Ex Astris Scientia: the motto of Starfleet Academy, Latin for "From the stars, knowledge." And the site definitely lives up to it. A vast number of articles, gobs of information about ships and Treknology, episode reviews, photo galleries, fanfic, ship model information -- you'll need a while to get through it all. In English, although the site appears to be German-based, so there's the occasional language-barrier mistake. Plus Bernd gave my site this great award.

Star Trek Minutiae: Links, resources, humor, starship designs, and fanfic (some adult). Nice interface and design. Plus the webmaster is a fellow Mac bigot, so that scores big points in my book.

Scifimatter: An enormous searchable database of sci-fi sites, from books to TV to movies to games to comics and then some. Simple, straightforward, and easy to read.

Dammit, Mister Tucker, I need more power!Cool photos, cartoons, humor:

The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi: 'Toons with attitude, and intelligence! Cartoonist Tye has been parodying the greats for years -- all the Treks, Star Wars, B5, X-Files, Millennium, Planet of the Apes, Highlander, Buck Rogers, Alien Nation, and even the actors and actresses! Very funny, and drawn with great affection for the stars, the shows, and the fans who love them. Tye has recently been featured in Cracked and Sci-Fi magazines.

Sev Trek: John Cook's interactive parody of science fiction, fantasy, TV, movies, roommates, marriage, kids, and whatever else crosses his mind Down Under. Probably the Internet's most famous cartoon caption contest. Unfortunately, bandwidth issues have made much of the site subscription-only.

Suave MalcolmEnterprise Oddities: Cartoon caricatures of the crew in a vaguely Japanime style, mostly focused on Trip. A lot of Trip/T'Pol images, but other crewmembers and pairings as well, plus desktops. Good for a real laugh.

Connor's Quotes: A collection of one- and two-line excerpts from various interviews Connor Trinneer has done over the years. Organized by subject and culled by the webmaster for appropriateness. A few photos as well. Uses frames, but easy to navigate.


Official sites of the other Enterprise actors:

Scott Bakula Online: Mr. Bakula does not have an official site, but this one comes pretty close. Beautifully designed. Lots of gorgeous photos, news, articles, discussion forum, biography, filmography, fanfic, the whole nine yards.

Jolene Blalock: Has no official site. Most of the unofficial sites exceed TripHammered's rating. Recently refreshed the look (and fixed the headlines so it's very easy to read now). Articles, news, screencaps, fan art, personal art from Mr. Keating, a newsletter, two absolutely hilarious Vidal Sassoon commercials, message board.

Anthony Bio, news, photos, interviews, message board. Not updated very often. Photos, an interview, news. News, comments from the actor on his recent doings, articles, photos (including one of Mr. Billingsley and his cat), and a book club!

Porthos is portrayed by two 13" lady beagles, Breezy and Windy, who are trained by the Performing Animal Troupe. What, you didn't think I'd leave Porthos off the list, did you?

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