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DVD Commentary: "Dead Stop"

Audio commentary from the crew of Enterprise for the DVD of "Dead Stop," written by Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong, directed by Roxann Dawson.

ARCHER: Okay, we're recording. Go ahead.

TRAVIS: Hi there, everybody, and thanks for joining us! I'm Ensign Travis Mayweather, here with the senior staff of the starship Enterprise to discuss the filming of "Dead Stop."

HOSHI: How do you rate doing the intro?

MALCOLM: Mister Tucker, the envelope, if you would.

TRIP: And the Oscar for Best Performance by the Deceased goes to...

PHLOX: It was a remarkable duplicate. Pity it necrotized so quickly.

TRAVIS: This episode is my first death, so the captain let me do the opener.

ARCHER: You're also the first official redshirt of the series, and the first official recyclable ensign of the timeline.

TRIP: You're a reg'lar Renaissance corpse, Trav.

MALCOLM: A carcass of many talents.

PORTHOS: {barks}

T'POL: I have been studying Terran film critique as a background for these analyses. I believe the appropriate remark at this juncture is "Enough with the comments from the peanut gallery."

HOSHI: Ouch!

TRIP: Mister Reed, Ah do believe we were just insulted.

MALCOLM: Of course you realize this means war.

ARCHER: Yoikes! And away!

{Teaser. Pod flies over seriously damaged edge of ship's hull.}

{"What's your guess?"
"...three or four months."}

ARCHER: Why so long?

TRIP: All the NCOs are union.

{"The subspace antenna's damaged."}

TRAVIS: Can't you just use a wire hanger and some electrician's tape like Mom used to?

MALCOLM: What a clever fellow you are! Why don't you ring up Gogmagog and ask if he's got a spare to hand?

HOSHI: Doesn't the remote have a mute button for those two?

T'POL: Only for the theme song, Ensign. Be sure to engage it.

I can inflict as much pain as I like.{episode begins. Sickbay.}

{"Push, Lieutenant!"}

TRIP: Congratulations! It's a Rarden cannon.

PHLOX: Thank goodness it wasn't breech.

{"He'll come out on his own... eventually."}

ARCHER: He did, didn't he?

MALCOLM: I'd rather not discuss it.

{ARCHER's quarters.}

{"Did you hear that?"}

PORTHOS: Two decks down. I'm surprised you heard it. I didn't think humans' ears were that good.

T'POL: I was quite relieved when that disturbance was repaired.

PORTHOS: Her, on the other hand...


{TELLARITE: "How may we be of assistance?"}

PHLOX: That is not a Tellarite.

ARCHER: How do you know?

PHLOX: He didn't tell you to perform an anatomical impossibility on yourself.

HOSHI: I always put on the FCC filter before transmitting or receiving.

T'POL: A wise precaution.

{"We'd be grateful for any assistance you could offer."}

TRIP: That and ten credits'll buy you a cuppa coffee.

TRAVIS: The coffee wasn't bad, actually.

HOSHI: They ordered Tim Hortons. The production assistants hogged all the donuts, though.

{"I'm detecting a liquid helium atmosphere.The temperature's 270 degrees below zero."}

PHLOX: Then how did they keep their captives alive? All those beings breathed approximately the same atmosphere as our three species.

TRIP: Hey, this was written by Sussman and Strong, not Bormanis.

Bright light! Bright light!{Bridge is scanned.}

TRAVIS {in Gizmo falsetto}: Bright light! Bright light!

PHLOX: Marvelous effects in this sequence.

HOSHI: I think Dawson was a little embarrassed by the way CGI came out in "Vox Sola," so she wanted to make up for it.

MALCOLM: Why did the three top officers of the ship go exploring on this thing, unarmed, without a security detail?

ARCHER: Kirk didn't need to bring his chief of security with him all the time.

MALCOLM: Kirk didn't have a regular chief of security. Chekov didn't get promoted until Decker took command.

TRAVIS: What a gorgeous set. You wouldn't think white would be so creepy.

{The Big Three enter the station reception area and study the diagnostic holo of the ship.}

HOSHI: Don't you think the computer's voice sounds a lot like Dreadnought?

TRAVIS: I have to admit, if you're going to have a computer whispering directly into your brain for the rest of your life, it might as well be sexy.

{"If we agree to these terms, how long will the repairs take?"}

TRIP: It's a contractor's estimate -- you can't possibly take it seriously.

Go belt someone todayHOSHI: Subcommander, isn't that belt uncomfortable sitting so low on your hips?

T'POL: Wardrobe was quite insistent. Placing it higher would compromise the empire waist of the catsuit.

ARCHER: If you'll pardon my saying so, isn't it...illogical to design a uniform without pockets? Or somewhere to hang a holster?

MALCOLM: I've complained about that myself.

PHLOX: The streamlined silhouette is much more efficient. I predict Starfleet will adopt it for the next generation of their uniforms.

HOSHI: Not in my lifetime.

T'POL: Speak for yourself.

{Station's Mess Hall.}

{"I wonder what else is on the menu."}

PORTHOS: Cheese?


TRIP: Definitely shoulda been pie.

HOSHI: I bet their oden wasn't as good as my grandmother's.


Wax on, wax offPHLOX: Having Mister Reed struggle to hold his leg aloft made no sense. He should have been lying down so the muscles were immobile.

MALCOLM: I was trying to get it to singe a design into my leg hair.

{general snickering}

{Station Mess Hall.}

ARCHER: Hoshi, what were you and Travis laughing about? You didn't have any official lines in this scene.

HOSHI: We were having a dirty joke competition.

TRIP: Jeez, Ah'm sorry Ah missed it.

{"A starship without a Tactical Officer? I can't say I see the point."}

TRIP: There's this guy Daystrom you should talk to about that.

MALCOLM: The chicken scallopini here was excellent.

HOSHI: Is that why you needed a dozen takes?

TRIP: No, that was because Ah kept stealing from his plate. It really was good.

Bummer.{Station corridor. MALCOLM boosts TRIP up into the ceiling.}

T'POL: Commander, it is highly improbable that you were able to lift Lieutenant Reed off the floor and directly into the duct with one hand.

MALCOLM: He didn't. I was standing on all the subtext that had piled up.

{TRAVIS's quarters. TRAVIS is wearing Fruit of the Blues boxer-briefs and a thoughtful expression.}

{general whistling, cheering, applause}

HOSHI: Rowr!

PORTHOS: {barks}

TRAVIS: Hey, when you look this good, you don't need lines.


{"Evenin', Subcommander."}

ARCHER: Nice save.

TRIP: It's not every day a boy gets a chance to whitewash an offense.

PHLOX: As Subcommander T'Pol's eyebrow goes for the Emmy...

{Launch Bay One.}

{"Captain? Hello? Hello?"}

MALCOLM: A stunning soliloquy, Mister Mayweather.

TRAVIS: My next scene is much better. I had a bet going with Porthos that I could play dead longer than he could.

Turn on your heartlightTRIP: Hey, the damage is in the shape of a heart!

ARCHER: Awww, Trav, the station had a crush on you.

{Ready Room.}

{"You're both restricted to quarters until further notice."}

ARCHER: Why do the writers do this to me? This is the best punishment I can come up with? Grounding you two?

TRIP: And sendin' us to bed without supper.

{"Did you notice anything interesting when you were in there?"}

MALCOLM: Yes, their security system is much better than ours.

{Launch Bay One.}

{"He's dead, Captain."}

PHLOX: I really tried, but it just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

TRIP: Did you have a few mint juleps first?

PHLOX: I do have some Saurian brandy stashed away, but I was on duty at the time.

{"It might be a good idea to check his quarters as well."}

TRAVIS: Jeez, my corpse isn't even cold and you're going through my stuff!

HOSHI: Anything we sell we don't have to ship back to your mom.

{Station reception area.}

Archer vs. the computerTRIP: Doesn't that gadget in the middle of the room remind you of Nomad?

MALCOLM: Maybe if Nomad had a love-child by the Romulan cloaking device.

TRIP {in robot voice}: "I am cloaked! I am cloaked!"

{"I need to talk to a person."}

HOSHI: Dial zero twice. Usually gets you an operator. Or at least a receptionist.

TRAVIS: Hey, have you ever called National Discount Brokers to hear the duck quack?


PHLOX: I watched several seasons of The X-Files to prepare for this scene.

ARCHER: Well, Scully did a lot of autopsies in the early years, but why not CSI?

PHLOX: You'll see in a moment.

{"He said that he brought some kind of gelatinous life-form aboard."}

TRIP: Let's have a moment of silence to honor the late great Mister Brando...

{TRAVIS's quarters.}

ARCHER: Is that model of the Phoenix from First Contact?

TRAVIS: Probably. Props can be a pain in the butt to make. Might as well reuse 'em.

ARCHER: I wonder if I can get it sent over to my trailer.

PHLOX: It can't hurt to ask. Send a memo to Herman Zimmerman.

{"Crewman Hayes says she passed him on his way to the launch bay but they didn't speak."}

TRAVIS: Man, I don't even get lines in my off-hours.

T'POL: I was not aware that the Major had a relative in Starfleet.

MALCOLM: Who do you think I've been using for demonstration in my tae kwon do classes?


{"This is not Ensign Mayweather."}

HOSHI: Ceci n'est pas une pipe, either.

ARCHER: Only art majors and museum curators will get that one.

{"He came down with Rigellian fever."
I inoculated the entire crew to prevent an outbreak."}

PHLOX: How fortunate that I happened to have a large supply of ryetalyn, despite being hundreds of light-years from Holberg 917-G.

MALCOLM: Hush! You'll wake the nitpickers.

ARCHER: Hoshi, did you want to try to read the diagnostic displays?

HOSHI: Nah, it's all dummy text.

{"I believe that someone or something has abducted Ensign Mayweather"}

PHLOX: You see? You're not going to get that kind of background on a mere police show.

PORTHOS: Éí 'aaníígóó 'áhoot'é.


{"You and Trip managed to get pretty far inside the station."}

TRIP: You can't prove that. It was all hints and innuendo.

{Station reception area.}

The customer is always rightARCHER: You had a lot of fun with this scene, Trip.

TRIP: Talking a computer into a meltdown is one of the great Star Trek traditions.

T'POL: Traditionally fulfilled by the captain.

ARCHER: Trip is much better at sweet-talking women.

TRIP: Hey, say what you want about the Ice Princess, but at least none of my lady friends have turned out to be somethin' else after Ah got interested in 'em.

ARCHER: What's that supposed to mean?

TRAVIS: Sarin, the drayjin, Keyla, Raijin, Bethany...

PORTHOS: Bitches, all of them. Don't worry about it.

{Station primary data core room.}

HOSHI: It's like a Japanese cube hotel, only with five times the living space.

MALCOLM: I thought this room was supposed to be the size of the proverbial breadbox?

TRIP: Quiet! You'll wake the continuity editor.

ARCHER: A Klingon? What could he be running?

PHLOX: Given his cortical capacity...the doors.

Put a tiger in your tank{ARCHER yanks the tube out of TRAVIS's arm. Blood spurts everywhere.}

HOSHI: Wow, you didn't even flinch, Trav.

TRAVIS: As long as he didn't get the fake blood into my mouth, I didn't care.


MALCOLM: We do make a good command team, don't we?

TRIP: Half a loaf, my friend.

{"Our access codes have been scrambled."}

HOSHI: This was why I took those cryptography courses.

ARCHER: No kidding!

PHLOX: Mister Mayweather, you would not have been coordinated enough to walk out of the station immediately after being disconnected from the computer.

TRAVIS: I know, but Dawson didn't want the scene to drag on any longer than it had to.


MALCOLM {sighs happily}: I love the smell of --

TRIP: Don't say it.

{"And if Ah fired up the impulse engines we'd probably tear off half the saucer section."}

ARCHER: T'Pol, you might want to make a note of that.

T'POL: Sir, the saucer section is Counselor Troi's problem. I have only consistently destroyed the starboard nacelle.


{"Essentially, the station was using your brain to enhance its processing power."}

TRAVIS: They couldn't link up a bunch of G5s or Sun stations like everyone else?

PHLOX: Just consider yourself an upgrade from the Klingon.

ARCHER: I think that does it for our commentary on "Dead Stop." Thanks for listening.

HOSHI: What's next?

TRAVIS: Can it be one where I don't end up in Sickbay?

TRIP: Ah'll second that.

ARCHER: Well, that narrows it down. How about "Future Tense"?

MALCOLM: That's a good one.

ARCHER: Well, that narrows it down. How about "Future Tense"?

MALCOLM: That's a good one.

TRIP: Quit that!